Sophos Client Firewall version 1.5.4 R2 release notes

New in this version

  • (SUG 19539) In the processes log, the Event Data column is displayed by default.
  • (DEF 33238) Support for Windows Security Center on Windows Vista has been updated.

Known problems

  • All packets are blocked briefly during rule updates.

    (CR 27434) When you change rules in the configuration editor, packets of traffic that shouldn’t be affected by the modified rules may briefly be blocked while the rules are updating. This will occur only very briefly but may be noticeable if alerts are being sent to the console.

  • IPv6 traffic is not logged as expected in log viewer.

    (CR 27073) When you view the log of traffic, IPv6 addresses/interfaces are not logged in IPv6 format as you might expect.

  • Tab navigation fails after adding and deleting process.

    (CR 26950) If you go to the Process tab and add and delete a process in the top frame, you will not be able to navigate using the Tab key.

  • Under heavy load, the log viewer auto-refresh can fail.

    (CR 26248) If you are viewing the log in a view that auto-refreshes, such as Allowed connections, you may note that the view stops refreshing if the service is under a heavy load. If you change to a different view and back again, auto-refreshing will work normally again.

  • Loopback IPv6 traffic is not blocked.

    (CR 25569) Although a rule blocking IPv6 traffic will block traffic that approaches or leaves the machine, it will not influence loopback IPv6 traffic.

  • Even when Allow all traffic is selected, system tray icon may stay blue.

    (CR 27039) If Allow all traffic is selected, the system tray icon should be gray. Sometimes the icon may stay blue. This will not affect performance of the application.

  • Setup unexpectedly fails if run from .msi file on Vista with User Access Control enabled.

    (CR 26760) Sophos Client Firewall Setup may unexpectedly fail if you run Sophos Client Firewall.msi instead of setup.exe on a computer running Windows Vista that has User Access Control enabled.

Information from previous versions


  • (DEF 17019) This version includes a fix for a problem whereby Sophos Client Firewall did not apply policies that were sent from the management console after installation. You no longer need to apply policies manually to workaround this problem.
  • (DEF 16970) This version includes a fix for a problem whereby the log viewer could report that its database was corrupt when it was not.
  • (DEF 17030) This version includes a fix for a problem whereby Sophos Client Firewall failed to be installed.

Technical support

For technical support, visit

If you contact technical support, provide as much information as possible, including the following:

  • Sophos software version number(s)
  • Operating system(s) and patch level(s)
  • The exact text of any error messages


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