SafeGuard Enterprise 5.60 release notes

New in this release


Opal drive support

Manage encryption across all of your platforms! Only SafeGuard automatically makes use of Opal self-encrypting drives when available and software encryption when they’re not. Manage computers running Opal, BitLocker, Windows 7, Vista, and XP – all from our Management Console.

Accelerated encryption

We’ve turbo-charged our encryption by utilizing the multi-core processors in your computers to encrypt and un-encrypt your data faster. And, we’ve optimized our encryption algorithm delivering encryption speeds that are up to 30% faster.

Faster initial encryption

Storage space on hard drives is growing, and so is the time needed to encrypt them. We’ve improved our encryption algorithm to initially encrypt only the parts of your hard drives containing data. This reduces the time needed to encrypt significantly and gets your users to work faster.

Improved virtual desktop and dynamic drive support

We’ve improved our performance on virtual desktops too. We don’t encrypt the whole virtual drive, only the parts with data. This saves encryption time and disk space on dynamic drives.


Improved manageability

We’ve made managing data exchange and configuration protection even easier– with white listing of removable drives to be encrypted, simplified key retirement, white list merging and temporary policy deactivation for configuration protection, and more - saving you time and resources.

Scheduled AD sync

Our new task scheduler lets you automate critical recurring tasks - simply. Schedule common tasks like Active Directory syncs and deleting event logs with just a few clicks in our Management Console.

Enhanced reporting

Our simplified at-a-glance compliance report let’s you see computers with out-of-date policies and in need of updates – helping you to keep your data protected and your computers compliant with your security policies.

System requirements

Before you install SafeGuard Enterprise, make sure that your system meets the minimum system requirements.


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Compatibility and updates

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Opal drives

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For a first-time installation, we recommend that you use the SafeGuard Enterprise Install Advisor tool. It will guide you through the installation process. You find it in your product delivery.

We recommend that you also consider the SafeGuard Enterprise installation best practice guide. You find it in your product delivery.

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