SafeGuard Enterprise 6.00.1 release notes

New in this release

Using the latest technologies for the fastest performance

SafeGuard Enterprise 6.00.1 makes use of technology built into the latest i5 and i7 processors from Intel™.

Intelligent data protection for file servers

It’s easy to think that data protection is just about stopping sensitive files getting out, but you might also need to make sure that files on your own network servers are only accessed by the right people. How often do you see the system administrator getting access to every file on the network? With SafeGuard File Share you can go beyond folder permissions by using central keys to give access to files for allowed users or groups, while keeping them encrypted for everyone else. And this whole process is invisible to end users, so they can just get on with their work. You can also track files that are moved or copied to removable media from an event viewer inside the SafeGuard Management Center.

Automatic encryption of files uploaded to the cloud

Cloud storage services like Dropbox, Egnyte or Microsoft’s SkyDrive are useful tools that let people get to their files from anywhere on any device, but could that be putting your data at risk? SafeGuard Cloud Storage automatically encrypts files uploaded to the cloud from any managed endpoint. All the user has to do is choose a password that will allow them access to the file from anywhere else.

See the status of your Mac computers

To make sure you’re compliant and that data protection is working you can now see information about your MacBook and Apple desktop computers that are running our full disk encryption software. The SafeGuard Management Center lets you see which drives are encrypted, if Power-on Authentication is on as well as the last time the endpoint contacted the server, computer names and their operating system versions. – Available with Sophos SafeGuard Disk Encryption for Mac 6.

System requirements

Before you install SafeGuard Enterprise, make sure that your system meets the minimum system requirements.


Visit our SafeGuard release information site with comprehensive compatibility tables, supported third-party hardware and software, as well as a SafeGuard release history at:

Compatibility and upgrades

Check the compatibility of this SafeGuard Enterprise release with previous releases and modules:

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  • previous releases of SafeGuard Enterprise that can be upgraded to this release.
  • compatibility of SafeGuard Enterprise Client with SafeGuard Enterprise Server releases.
  • Microsoft SQL Server releases that are supported by SafeGuard Enterprise.
  • Sophos SafeGuard Disk Encryption/SafeGuard Easy releases that can be migrated to SafeGuard Enterprise.

Keyboard layouts

Check the keyboard layouts that are supported in Power-on Authentication:

Tokens and smartcards

Check the tokens and smartcards that are supported by SafeGuard Enterprise:

Note that the use of the necessary token/smartcard middleware for the standard operating system requires a license agreement with the respective middleware manufacturer. For information on where to obtain the licenses, see:

Anti-virus software

Check the compatibility of SafeGuard Enterprise with commercial anti-virus software that has been successfully tested with this release:

Opal drives

Check the compatibility of SafeGuard Enterprise with Opal drives that have been successfully tested with this release:


For a first-time installation, we recommend that you use the SafeGuard Enterprise Install Advisor tool. It will guide you through the installation process. You find it in your product delivery.

We recommend that you also consider the SafeGuard Enterprise installation best practice guide. You find it in your product delivery.

Resolved issues

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Known issues

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