SafeGuard PrivateDisk 3.0 release notes

1. System Requirements

Platforms supported



Windows 8 Pro/Enterprise



Windows 7 Enterprise/Ultimate/Professional/Home Premium



Windows XP Professional



Please consider:
The latest service pack must be installed on the supported platforms
Windows Server operating systems are not supported
Apple computers are not supported

3. Version Information

SafeGuard PrivateDisk 3.00 contains the following improvements over version 2.50:

SafeGuard PrivateDisk 2.50 contains the following improvements over version 2.30:

4. Installation and Upgrade

5. Limitations

6. Known Issues

7. Security Note

Due to its character as a roaming program, PDPortable may be used in target OS environments whose security state is not known up-front. Consequently, a special flavour of ‘DLL preloading’ (, a.k.a. ‘DLL Hijacking’) may apply: PDPortable (involuntarily) attempts to load certain OS DLLs from its application directory (i.e. the directory where it actually resides) before it attempts to load them from the OS directory where they actually reside (e.g. <Windows>\System32). If an attacker manages to place a malicious DLL in the application directory, its code may get executed when PDPortable starts. Please note that a malicious DLL even gets found and loaded when it is set to hidden!

PDPortable provides all available mechanisms to mitigate this vulnerability. Nevertheless, several attack vectors remain open: The vulnerability is unconditionally present in Windows XP (and before). Beginning with Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008, the vulnerability is mitigated when Microsoft Security Patch KB2533623 has been installed on the system. In Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012, there is no such vulnerability.

As a general advice, always install all available Security Patches for the systems under your control. If PDPortable shall run on systems where the vulnerability exists, the user needs to be aware that any DLL (even a hidden one) of unknown or dubious origin in the application directory means a risk. Accordingly, make sure that PDPortable does not get started in such environments.