Sophos Mobile Control 2 release notes


System requirements


Known issues

Technical support

Legal notices

System requirements

Sophos Mobile Control platforms

Supported platforms

Detailed version

Operation System


Windows Server 2003 32 bit

SP 2

Windows Server 2008 32/64 bit

SP 1

Windows Server 2008 R2 64 bit

SP 1

Java JDK Version


JDK 1.6

1.6_20 or higher


1.7 or higher

Database Version


Microsoft SQL Server 2005


Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Express


Microsoft SQL Server 2008


Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Express


Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2


Mobile Operation System


Apple iOS

4.0 or higher
5.0 or higher


2.2 or higher
3.0 or higher
4.0 or higher

Windows Mobile Professional

6.1, 6.5

RIM BlackBerry Integration

BlackBerry Enterprise Server 5.0.3 or higher



Internet Explorer

8, 9

Mozilla Firefox


Google Chrome



For details on installing the Sophos Mobile Control Server, refer to the Sophos Mobile Control installation guide. For details on installing and setting up Sophos Mobile Control on end user devices by using the Sophos Mobile Control Self Service Portal, refer to the Sophos Mobile Control user guides for Android, Apple iOS and Windows Mobile. You can download the product documentation at

Known issues

Sophos Mobile Control installation

Customer Wizard is not displayed (DEF77445)

When the Installation Wizard is cancelled and restarted, the Customer Wizard is not displayed. Sophos Mobile Control has to be uninstalled and installed again to display the Customer Wizard.

Warning message during upgrade from SMC 1.1 on Windows 2003 R2 Server (DEF77476)

When upgrading from Sophos Mobile Control 1.1. on a Windows 2003 R2 Server the warning message “Database configuration could not be copied.” is displayed. After confirming the warning message, the upgrade process runs without any errors.

End user device

SMC Mobile client on Windows Mobile devices with Cyrillic character set

The SMC Mobile client does not work on Windows Mobile devices with a Cyrillic character set.

Sophos Mobile Control web interface

Exception on empty tables

If you click the >> button on an empty table, a “div by zero” exception occurs.

Device reports

If you create a device report as a Multi Tenancy Admin user, the insert date is included, but it is not shown in the column definition (header).

No device inventory or traffic counter graphics in Internet Explorer

For displaying device type information as graphics in the Inventory or Traffic Counter menu, a browser with SVG support is required. Unfortunately, Internet Explorer (all versions) does not support this out of the box. Please install Acrobat Reader 9x to get an Adobe SVG plugin. You can also install any other SVG plugin.

Charts are not displayed in Firefox 8

If you use Firefox 8, charts cannot be displayed in the Sophos Mobile Control Inventory.

Synchronizing an Android device with an Exchange Server

Android devices are automatically enabled through EAS Proxy, if the device was registered with the Self Service Portal. In case an admin has added the phone to Sophos Mobile Control, it is required to enter the sAMAccountName in the respective property of the device details view to make ActiveSync synchronization possible. If devices are registered with an LDAP entry and SSP, this is not necessary.

Back button (DEF68187)

When creating command bundles for example, clicking the Back button causes all changes to be lost.

Select all checkbox in task archive (DEF70185)

If you select all devices by clicking the select all checkbox next to Device on the Task archive page and refresh the page afterwards, all devices are deselected.

State “Exported” shown for uninstalled client (DEF71889)

After uninstalling a client by using Applications > Uninstall the state Exported is shown in the Task view for the uninstallation task. The client has been uninstalled, but the task state is not updated.

MDM Agent property keeps value 1 after uninstallation (DEF72393)

When a new device is created, the MDM Agent property shows 0 under Value on the Device page. When the SMC client is installed, the value changes to 1. After uninstalling the client by using Applications > Uninstall, the MDM Agent property still shows the value 1.

Links to Apps (DEF75228)

When creating a new software package with a link to an app in the respective AppStore and installing the package on an end user device, the SMS sent by the server only contains a link to the SMC server.

Command bundle with deactivateProcess command for Windows Mobile devices (DEF76576)

Command bundles with a deactivateProcess command for Windows Mobile devices are always shown to be finished successfully, even if they contain wrong parameters.

Command KillProcess in command bundles for Windows Mobile devices (DEF76577)

The command KillProcess for Windows Mobile devices is always shown to be finished successfully, even if the relevant process is still running after the command has been applied.

Select package page does not show existing packages for Windows Mobile (DEF76672)

When creating a new task bundle for Windows Mobile devices the Select package page for the type WinMobileProfileTransfer does not show any packages.

Personal settings display error (DEF76713)

If you change the setting Data sets per table in the Personal tab of the Settings page in Internet Explorer 8, a display error occurs.

Error in task archive page navigation (DEF76715)

When navigating between several pages in Task archive, a white page with an error message is displayed.

Filter in task view is closed after refresh interval (DEF76721)

When you click the blue magnifier icon in Task view to filter the view, the filter is closed after the refresh interval.

iOS operating systems version in task bundles (DEF76893)

When you create task bundles for iOS devices and select the iOS --- option under Operating systems on the Edit task bundle page, the new task bundle will not support all iOS versions.

Filter does not support Unicode characters in profile names (DEF76894)

Profiles with Unicode characters in their names are not found when you apply a filter on the Profiles page.

Blocking of email access (DEF76982)

If several devices are registered for the same user in the Self Service Portal and email access is blocked for one of the devices, access is blocked for another device, not for the one intended.

Sophos Mobile Control Self Service Portal

Pressing Enter during device registration (DEF72876)

When you press Enter during device registration in the Self Service Portal (for example after entering a confirmation code), the previous page is displayed instead of the next one.

Back button as default (DEF76840)

When navigating through the Self Service Portal pages the Back button is always the default.

Technical support

You can find technical support for Sophos products in any of these ways:

§  Visit the SophosTalk community at and search for other users who are experiencing the same problem.

§  Visit the Sophos support knowledgebase at

§  Download the product documentation at

§  Send an email to, including your Sophos software version number(s), operating system(s) and patch level(s), and the text of any error messages.

Legal notices

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