Sophos Mobile Encryption Version 1.3 for Android release notes

New in this release

Support of Egnyte as cloud storage provider

Sophos Mobile Encryption now supports Egnyte ( as cloud storage provider. 

Support of Google Drive as cloud storage provider

Sophos Mobile Encryption now supports Google Drive ( as cloud storage provider.

Support of T-Mobile Media Center as cloud storage provider

Sophos Mobile Encryption now supports T-Mobile Media Center ( as cloud storage provider.

Support of WebDAV for accessing cloud storage provider

Sophos Mobile Encryption now also supports (storage) servers that provide access via WebDAV. Although WebDAV is a defined standard, not all storage providers allowing WebDAV access do implement the standard as it is. Therefore, it may happen that specific storage providers will not work with Sophos Mobile Encryption if they do not follow the standard. We have tested following storage providers that allow WebDAV access and work with Sophos Mobile Encryption:

System Requirements

Sophos Mobile Encyption runs on Android devices with an Android version 2.2 and higher.


Installation of the application must be done via Google Play.

Known Issues

Encrypted Files cannot be opened by third-party applications 

Encrypted files cannot be opened by some third-party applications due to problems with access permissions. For displaying the content of an encrypted file, the file needs to be decrypted beforehand and access permissions are applied to the file so that only this single file can be opened by the third-party application. Some third-party applications fail to work properly if they're not granted universal access to files and therefore cannot display the file.  Applications known to have this problem are ASTRO Image Viewer or ES Image Browser. If this problem occurs, please use another application to view the decrypted file.

Going back when linking a Google Drive account may cause the Google Play service to crash

When the user links a Google Drive account in Sophos Mobile Encryption, the application triggers the selection of an account in a Google application. Selecting "Add Account" on the first screen directs to the "Add a Google Account" screen. If the user then clicks the back button, the Google Play Services may crash (seen on a Nexus 7, with Android 4.2.1). This crash is caused by another Android application and not by Sophos Mobile Encryption.

Syncing of favorites does not work for some providers, e.g. the Android Gallery App

Some applications used for viewing favorites of Sophos Mobile Encryption do cache files internally and do not recognize when only the file content changes. E.g. the Android Gallery application caches all pictures it views. When only the content of the file changes, the Android Gallery App does not recognize the change when opened from Sophos Mobile Encryption and displays the cached content. Only a change of the file name will cause the Gallery App to re-load the file. Please use another application that does not show this behavior for viewing the favorite files or forcibly close the Gallery App before viewing updated content.

Update from Version 1.0 may result in unlinking of DropBox and missing metadata for the favorites

Updating from version 1.0 may unlink an already linked DropBox account. Please link the account again and all favorites of the DropBox will be visible again. It may also happen that the file metadata of favorites (size and sync date) cannot be retrieved and only default values are shown. After syncing the favorites again all metadata is restored. The favorites can still be opened, even with wrongly displayed metadata.

Technical support

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