Sophos Mobile Security 3.0 - Release Notes

New in this release

Application Protection

Sophos Mobile Security now protects your apps from misuse by controlling the start of selected apps. Apps protected by Sophos Mobile Security cannot be launched without prior authorization. An authorization dialog is displayed for these apps and the user has to enter the valid protection password to start the app. Sophos Mobile Security needs to run continuously in the background to protect the apps effectively. Therefore, it protects itself from deinstallation and forced stop.

Web Protection also for free version

Web Protection is now also available for the free version. When activated, Sophos Mobile Security scans URLs via the Sophos cloud. If malicious or phishing websites are detected, the user gets notified.

New widget design

The Sophos Mobile Security widget was completely redesigned. The widget is now resizable. It now shows - in addition to scan information - status information about SPAM protection on devices with phone capability.

Faster scanning engine

Sophos Mobile Security's scanning engine has undergone heavy refactoring. It now leverages the full power of current and future multi-core devices, resulting in a quite dramatic improvement in scanning speed.

System requirements

Sophos Mobile Security runs on Android devices with an Android version 2.3.3 and higher.

Note: With the release of 3.0 Android devices running on Android versions prior 2.3.3 will not be supported any more.


The application must installed through Google Play.

Known issues

Sending log or trace files through Google Mail

The user can send log as well as trace files to Sophos Support by email. For some Android versions the files are not sent with the email by the Gmail client although they have been attached by Sophos Mobile Security. Please use another email client than Gmail.

Android Backup Service limitations on some devices

The overall use of the Android Backup Service is limited on some devices due to issues with device/vendor-specific implementations. These issues result in generally not restoring any application settings from the Android Backup Service. Therefore, the Sophos Mobile Security settings are not restored either when re-installing Sophos Mobile Security on such a device.

Other issues

Android devices without the capability to send SMS

Some Android devices (for example Motorola Xoom, Android 3.2, Build Number: H. do not have the capability to send SMS although they can receive SMS. For these devices, the confirmation SMS from Sophos Mobile Security after executing a remote command does not work. Furthermore, the Loss & Theft features Remote unlock and Locate at low battery do not work as they rely on the capability to send SMS.

Sophos Mobile Security Version 1.5 incompatibilities with the Sophos Mobile Control Client 3.0

Due to an internal communication problem within Sophos Mobile Security users may experience crashes of Sophos Mobile Security 1.5 when the application is operated next to the Sophos Mobile Control 3.0 client on an Android device. Updating to the new version resolves these problems.

Loss & Theft: Recovering of directory names and file names after wiping the SD card

The Android operating system allows only very limited access to the SD card and its contents. Therefore, the names of directories and files on the SD card may be recoverable using forensic/undelete tools. However, the file contents of the SD card always get wiped depending on the user's settings.

Spam Protection: Quick SMS response dialog appears when a call is blocked

On some older android versions, Motorola modified the phone app in a way that the quick SMS response dialog pops up when a call is rejected.
This dialog disapears after a timeout of 20 seconds when no action takes place. Due to Android restrictions SMSec cannot handle this misbehavior.
On newer Motorola Android devices ( > 4.0) this problem does not occur anymore.

Spam Protection: Missed call notification when call was blocked

Some Android devices (for example HTC Wildfire, Android 2.2.1) show a missed call notification icon when a call is blocked. This icon should be deleted by the Android system when the corresponding call log entry is deleted, but this does not happen.

Web Filtering works only for specific browsers

Due to the architecture of the Android operating systems, the web filtering within Sophos Mobile Security only works for following browsers: the standard browser delivered with the Android OS and Google Chrome. Within Google Chrome, the Web Filtering does not work for Incognito Browsing.

Technical support

You can find technical support for Sophos Mobile Security solely by:

Information for Sophos Mobile Security 3.0 in managed mode

Note: The information in this section does not apply to the free version that can be downloaded from Google Play and is operated in un-managed mode by default. Operating Sophos Mobile Security in managed mode is controlled and activated by Sophos Mobile Control and requires appropriate configuration and licensing in Sophos Mobile Control. For further details see

New in this release for managed mode

With this release, no new functionality was added that is only available in the managed mode of Sophos Mobile Security. All new functionality in this release is available in managed mode as well as unmanaged mode. 

Other issues for managed mode

Updating from old version in managed mode

During an update from an old version the user may experience an ANR (Application Not Responding) dialog during the first start of Sophos Mobile Security. This results from a high work load caused by an internal data update of Sophos Mobile Security. The user has to ignore the ANR and Sophos Mobile Security will continue as expected.

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