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These are the release notes for Sophos Anti-Virus for Mac OS X Preview.

Note: You may find that you cannot yet download and use the latest version on the list below. This is because Sophos releases the software over a number of days, but publishes the release notes on the first day.

Version 9


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November 2017


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November 2016

Version 9.6.6

Resolved issues

Issue ID



Resolved an issue preventing on-demand scans working with certain APFS volumes

Version 9.6.5

Resolved issues

Issue ID



Updated the Remote Management System component to version 4.1


Improved compatibility with macOS 10.3 High Sierra.

Version 9.6.4

Updated components

The threat detection engine has been updated to 3.69.2. For information about the changes to the threat detection engine, see the Sophos Threat Detection Engine release notes.

Resolved issues

Issue ID


MACEP-2501 and MACEP-2504

Resolved a rare issue where AutoUpdate might not be able to apply updates if its cache was corrupted.


Updates to the list of recognized Secure Removable devices.

Version 9.6.3

Resolved issues

Issue ID



Stability improvements to Web Protection and Web Control.


Performance improvements to on-access scanning with exclusions.


Local RMS configuration file, mrinit.custom, is preserved during upgrades.

Version 9.6.2

Resolved issues

Issue ID



The domain name for "mobile managed" Active Directory accounts is now reported correctly to the console.


Apricorn Inc. ASK-256-4GB and Lenovo ThinkPad USB 3.0 Secure Drive are now recognized as secure removable devices.


Changes to Update Interval in the AutoUpdate preferences are saved even when you have not pressed the Enter key.

Version 9.6.1

Updated components

The threat detection engine has been updated to 3.68.0. For information about the changes to the threat detection engine, see the Sophos Threat Detection Engine release notes.

Resolved issues

Issue ID



Improved performance when opening Adobe Illustrator files from network locations.


Improved performance and compatibility for Time Machine.


Stability improvements for the on-access scanner.


Improved performance of the on-access scanner with sparse bundle disk images.

Version 9.6.0

New features

Application Control for Mac - You can now control which applications can be run on Macs in the same way that you can for Windows computers. Starting with version 9.6 of Sophos Anti-Virus, your Macs will use the settings in their current Application Control policy.

Resolved issues

Issue ID



Fixed the Japanese date formatting for email alerts.


Fixed an issue with displaying the last logged in user in Sophos Enterprise Console.


Lenovo ThinkPad USB Secure Hard Drive 1TB is treated as a Secure Removable Device.


Improved streaming for AAC audio formats.


Cross-grades from on-premise to Sophos Central endpoints works as expected.

Known issues and limitations

Issue ID Description
MACEP-1054 Issues when Web Protection is used in conjunction with Apple Parental Controls on OS X El Capitan (10.11)

On OS X El Capitan (10.11), when Web Protection is active, sites that are correctly blocked by Apple Parental Controls display a blank page, rather than the expected Parental Control block page.

  The SAV OS X installer will download a full version of SAV OS X when it performs its first auto-update.
DEF89762 The Scan now with Sophos Anti-Virus item in the Finder contextual menu may sometimes not be displayed correctly.
  Issues with copying infected files to a quarantine folder.

If the immediate scanner moves or copies an infected file to a quarantine folder, the action is intercepted by the on-access scanner. This is because Spotlight indexes the quarantine folder when a file is quarantined there. To work around this, in the Spotlight preferences, put the quarantine folder into the list of excluded folders.

  Certain configuration changes do not trigger alerts in SEC.

If you make any of the following configuration changes in the Sophos Anti-Virus updating preferences pages, they do not trigger a differs from policy alert in Sophos Enterprise Console:

  • Disable updating from a secondary location.
  • Set the primary or secondary proxy to either Use System Proxy Settings or Do Not Use Proxy.

Additional information

  • Web Control with Sophos Enterprise Console is not supported.
  • Authentication caching in OS X may prevent you from unlocking the preferences panel immediately after an upgrade. To unlock the preferences panel, log out, then log in to your Mac again.
  • After you install Sophos Anti-Virus, the Scan with Sophos Anti-Virus command is not immediately contained in a Finder shortcut menu. It appears when you log in to your Mac again.
  • After you uninstall Sophos Anti-Virus, the Scan with Sophos Anti-Virus command is still present in a Finder shortcut menu. It disappears when you log in to your Mac again.
  • In Sophos Enterprise Console and Sophos Control Center, you can set up email alerting for Virus alerts, Scanning errors or Other errors. Mac OS X computers do not support the Scanning errors option and therefore do not send these alerts.

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