SafeGuard Enterprise 8.1 release notes

Sophos recommends that customers always apply the latest version and patches of SafeGuard Enterprise to ensure that they have latest in functionality, performance and security.

New in SafeGuard Enterprise 8.1.1

  • Support for macOS 10.14 Mojave.
  • The FileVault recovery key is now changed after being displayed in the SafeGuard Management Center once.
  • Enabling FileVault on APFS formatted system disks no longer requires a restart.
  • New command line options added to sgfsadmin to enable or disable Spotlight search.

New in SafeGuard Enterprise 8.1

  • Synchronized Encryption (application-based file encryption) can use multiple keys.
  • BitLocker encrypted drives can be recovered using the BitLocker recovery key ID.
  • HTML5 encryption and the Outlook add-in are available with location-based file encryption.
  • Spotlight search is supported (macOS).
  • Product documentation has been improved.
  • Backend stability has been improved.
  • BitLocker Challenge/Response is no longer recommended. It remains in the software to ensure backward compatibility, but Sophos only offers limited support.
  • A modern filter driver has been implemented.
  • Client installer:

    Installation mode Typical only installs a device encryption module (Device Encryption or Native Device Encryption) instead of a device encryption module plus Synchronized Encryption as in version 8.0.

  • Additional telemetry data is collected. For details, see

System requirements

Before you install SafeGuard Enterprise, make sure that your system meets the minimum system requirements.


Visit our SafeGuard release information site with comprehensive compatibility tables, supported third-party hardware and software, as well as a SafeGuard release history at:

Compatibility and upgrades

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Find out about:

  • Previous releases of SafeGuard Enterprise that can be upgraded to this release.
  • Compatibility of SafeGuard Enterprise Client with SafeGuard Enterprise Server releases.
  • Microsoft SQL Server releases that are supported by SafeGuard Enterprise.
  • Sophos SafeGuard Easy releases that can be migrated to SafeGuard Enterprise.

Tokens and smartcards

Check the tokens and smartcards that are supported by SafeGuard Enterprise:

Note that the use of the necessary token/smartcard middleware for the standard operating system requires a license agreement with the respective middleware manufacturer. For information on where to obtain the licenses, see:

Anti-virus software

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For a first-time installation, we recommend that you use the SafeGuard Enterprise Install Advisor tool. It will guide you through the installation process. You can find it in your product delivery.

We recommend that you also read the installation part of the SafeGuard Enterprise administrator help and the SafeGuard Enterprise best practice guide.

Known issues

Check the known issues for this SafeGuard Enterprise release, since incorrect configuration of certain options may cause unexpected behavior:

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