Sophos Mobile Security 9.5 release notes

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New in this release

This new version of Sophos Mobile Security includes:

System requirements

Sophos Mobile Security runs on smartphones and tablets with arm-v7a and arm64-v8a architecture (or able to execute arm binaries) with Android version 5.0 and higher.


The app can be installed from Google Play:

Known issues

Issues with sending log or trace files with Gmail on some devices

TFor some Android versions, log or trace files that you send to Sophos support are not included in the email if it is sent by the Gmail app, although they have been correctly attached by Sophos Mobile Security.

Solution: Use a different email app than Gmail to send log or trace files.

Android Backup Service limitations on some devices

The overall use of the Android Backup Service is limited on some devices due to issues with device- or vendor-specific implementations. As a result, no app settings are restored by the Android Backup Service. Therefore, the Sophos Mobile Security settings are not restored either when re-installing Sophos Mobile Security on such a device or installing Sophos Mobile Security on an additional device using the same Google account.

Web filtering only supported for specific browsers

Due to the architecture of the Android operating systems, web filtering only works for the following browsers:

Additionally, Web filtering might work on the following browsers, but they are not supported:

Web filtering does not support beta versions of the browsers listed above.

“Monitor SD card” only monitors copying directly on the devices on Android version 6.0 or higher

On Android 6.0 or higher, the OS functionality used for monitoring the SD card has a known issue so that copying files to a device cannot be monitored at all times. For example if the device is connected to a desktop computer via USB, copying files to the device from the computer cannot be detected. All copy operations that are initiated by the device user are still detected by the “Monitor SD card” feature. For example, this includes the download of files from the Internet onto the SD card.

QR code scanner cannot change Wi-Fi password on Android version 6.0 or higher if the Wi-Fi was added by another app

Android 6.0 or higher does not allow to modify or delete a Wi-Fi that was configured by another app or by the user. As a result, the QR code scanner can only change the Wi-Fi password if the Wi-Fi was initially added by Sophos Mobile Security.

App Protection cannot protect apps running in Samsung Pop-Up mode

n Samsung devices offering the Samsung pop-up view mode (available e.g. on Samsung Galaxy S7/S8 running Android 7.0) apps cannot be protected by the SMSec app protection.

Sophos Accessibility Service stopped on some devices

On some devices the Sophos Accessibility Service (required for Web Filtering) is disabled by the Android system. Sophos Mobile Security detects this and immediately asks the user to re-enable the service.

Sophos Accessibility Service stopped on some devices during upgrade

On some devices (e.g. on the Asus Zenpad 10) the Sophos Accessibility Service (required for Web Filtering) is disabled during an update of Sophos Mobile Security. The device must be restarted or the the Sophos Accessibility Service must be re-enabled in the system settings in order to re-enable Web Filtering.

Sophos Link Checker not supported on Android 10

Due to an issue in the Android 10 operating system, the Sophos Link Checker will not work.

App protection can only control direct interaction through the user interface

Due to technical limitations of the Android platform, the App Protection can only prevent direct interaction with an app through its user interface. Users might still be able to interact with a password-protected app through other apps like Google Assistant or through Android system functionality. For further Information see the Sophos Knowledge Base article here.

Technical support

You can find technical support for Sophos Mobile Security solely by:

Information for Sophos Mobile Security 9.5 in managed mode

Note: This section does not apply to the free version of Sophos Mobile Security that can be installed from Google Play. That version runs in unmanaged mode by default.

Legal notices

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