Sophos Secure Email 8.0 for iOS release notes

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New in this release

This release of Sophos Secure Email for iOS includes the following changes:

App system requirements

Sophos Secure Email for iOS runs on devices (iPhone6 and later, iPad Air and later) with iOS version 12 or higher.

Sophos Secure Email requires to be managed by Sophos Mobile. For details see the latest  Sophos Mobile Control release notes.

Mail server system requirements

Supported mail servers:


Supported protocols on the mail servers listed above:


Sophos Secure Email is installed from the App Store.

Known issues

Calendar may stop syncing when app is operated for a very long time with a poor network connection

In very rare occasions the calendar may stop syncing when the app has been operated for a long time with a poor network connection.

Solution: Close the Sophos Secure Email app (double-click the Home button and swipe-up on the app in the app list) and re-start it. 

Only plain text emails are supported

Currently Sophos Secure Email only supports the creation of plain text emails. Support of RTF and HTML format will be implemented in an upcoming version.

Notifications are not shown although enabled

In rare cases email and appointment notifications may not be shown anymore.

Solution: Close the Sophos Secure Email app (double-click the Home button and swipe-up on the app in the app list) and re-start it. 

Actions at some mails are greyed out

If the user searches for emails, emails that are stored at the server only, and not at the device anymore, have greyed out actions buttons (reply, forward, delete,..).

Badge for Secure Email App icon no more working when connected to Microsoft Exchange

With this version, the badge for the secure email app icon is no more working when using a Microsoft Exchange server.

Misspelled words in the e-mail body are not marked

Words which are misspelled are not underlined red.

Authenticating may not work at O365 with special characters

If the password contains a special character (umlaut characters or other similar characters) the authentication may fail with Exchange Online (Office 365).

Push notifications do not work with IBM email servers

Sophos Secure Email does not receive push notifications for newly arrived emails if a IBM Domino or Traveler email server is used.

Email encryption and verification of email signatures not supported

Sophos Secure Email does not support email encryption as done so with for example S/Mime or PGP. Sophos Secure Email furthermore does not support the verification of digitally signed emails. However, emails that are only digitally signed using S/Mime can be displayed, but the signature cannot be verified. Using other technology for signing emails (e.g. PGP) might result in the email not being displayed at all.

Dictation not working on iOS 13 devices

iOS 13 implements a new voice control system. Due to these changes in iOS 13, the dictation feature is currently no more working within Sophos Secure Email.

Technical support

You can find technical support for Sophos products in any of these ways:

Legal notices

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