Sophos Reporting Interface 5.2 release notes

New in this version

  • (SUG84236) The vComputerHostData view of the Sophos Reporting Interface has been extended to allow exporting the operating system information. The following fields have been added to the view:
    • DNSName
    • OperatingSystemID
    • OperatingSystemName
    • ServicePack
  • The following policy type strings have been changed:
    Version 5.1 Version 5.2
    Web Web control
    Full Disk Encryption Full disk encryption
    Global Encryption Global encryption
    SDDM upstream Update Manager - upstream
    SDDM downstream Update Manager - downstream
    SDDM general Update Manager - general
    SDDM subscription Update Manager - subscription
    SDDM schedule Update Manager - schedule

Known issues

There are no known issues with this version.

Additional information

You must read the Sophos Reporting Interface user guide before using the product. The user guide is available on the Sophos website at the following location:

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