Sophos Reporting Log Writer 5.1 release notes

About Sophos Reporting Log Writer

Sophos Reporting Log Writer enables you to generate detailed, customized reports about the endpoints that are managed by Sophos Enterprise Console. It allows the use of third-party log-monitoring applications, for example Splunk, which retrieve data from plain text files rather than directly from a database.

Sophos Reporting Log Writer 5.1 can be used with Sophos Enterprise Console 5.1 or later.

New in this release

Starting with this release, Sophos Reporting Log Writer is no longer distributed together with Sophos Reporting Interface.

Sophos Reporting Interface database objects are now installed along with the Enterprise Console database component. This makes it possible to use third-party reporting tools (for example, Crystal Reports or SQL Server Reporting Services) with Sophos Reporting Interface out of the box.

Please note that Log Writer still needs to be installed separately. Existing installations of Log Writer will continue to function as usual.

Known issues

There are no known issues with this version.

Additional information

You must read the Sophos Reporting Log Writer user guide before using the product. The user guide is available on the Sophos website at the following location:

Technical support

You can find technical support for Sophos products in any of these ways:

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